Puro Cubano Latina Bar

Cuban drinks, music and dancing - a great combination.

Puro Cubano Latina BarPuro Cubano Latina Bar

Puro Cubano Latina Bar

This is a new bar (opened for the 2018 season) situated on Main Street, in the amphitheatre area near the corner of Main Street and Main Beach Road, next to Kouros Lounge.

It's a piece of Cuba right here in Pefkos, with Cuban drinks, cigars, music and dancing. As you would expect many of the drinks are rum based, and made with good quality Cuban rum too.

Carlos is a musician and dance instructor, he plays the drum and teaches Salsa Dancing, whilst Sara and Marcus are perfect hosts at the bar.

Recommended if you want a really friendly chilled atmosphere, simply brilliant cocktails, great music and a little dance. The Puro Cubanos Latina Bar Facebook Group already has over 1000 members.

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