Armonia - Pefkos Harmony

A large and stylish bar with one of the best kids play areas

Armonia Bar is also called Pefkos Harmony
Pefkos Hormony AKA ArmoniaArmonia

Armonia - Pefkos Harmony

Armonia Bar is also called Pefkos Harmony.

It's a fairly recent bar in a central location half way along the Main Street, between Artimis and Nostalgia.

As it's relative new it has a high standard of modern decor and furnishings. There's also a top notch kids play area.

Whilst it's a great cocktail bar in the evenings, you can also get some great snacks here anytime.

The inside of this bar has a real spacious feel about it.

If Pefkos Harmony is a favourite of yours, give them a vote in Best in Pefkos 2017.

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